BabySliceO Software, Conversion of Ultrasound data

Our BabySliceO Software is based on SliceOMatic software developed by TOMOVISION. The vision was to offer clients an opportunity to convert 3D ultrasound data into a file format that can be used by 3D programs. By optimizing the SliceOMatic software product they enabled clients to make 3D STL models out of ultrasound data. It works with most of the 3D ultrasound data formats on the market such as Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical Systems.


Real-time 3D edition:

Real-time 3D editions of the ultrasound data are achieved by the program, by using the power of the Nvidia GPU. The powerful editor allows modification of the original date into 3 orthogonal 2D views, or directly on the 3D model. The polygon surface based on the edited values are recomputed by the program in real time.

Optimized for Ultrasound:

The BabySliceO software modules are optimized to work with the most common ultrasound datasets. It's highly interactive segmentation and editing tools help isolate the relevant voxels and remove undesired tissues so that you can create 3D models of unborn babies.

3D and 4D:

The program read both 3D and 4D models. When using a 4D model, you will be able to easily navigate the multiple 3D data sets to select the best one to export as a polygonal model.

VR Edition:

The VR edition Mode let you edit and clean your models in record time. Your dominant hand manipulates the sculpting tool while your other hand holds the 3D model. With the stereoscopic VR goggles, you have the impression that the model is there right in front of you. It is almost impossible to describe how fast and easy it is to prepare your model using the VR mode.The "VR Edit" mode can only be used if you have an Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch devices installed on your system and a high-end NVIDIA CUDA graphic card.

Baby Slice O ultrasound conversion software
Software view of Baby Slice O

Ultrasound conversion and clean-up with BabySliceO V3

Volume data sets

Reformatted Cylindrical, Spherical and Cartesian data sets are used by the BabySliceO software. The software imports datasets from most of the ultrasound machine manufacturers.

3D export:

BabySliceO creates and exports 3D polygonal models. You can export the data in up to 6 polygonal formats including STL, and OBJ.

3D printing optimizations:

The program hollows out the models with the click of a button, therefore economizing on printing raw materials.  More rigidity is given to the model due to the creation of internal structures inside the model.

Free trial

You are very welcome to try Baby Slice O for free. The software can be downloaded by our customers for free here, (Baby Slice O). As this is a trial version the software will have some limitations. Therefore, without a full license, the program will let you import your data and segment it. However, it will not let you save any STL models. If you want to make a few sample models with the software, you will need to do a FULL TRIAL.



TomoVision is marketing and developing innovative easy-to-use yet powerful software for the medical community. They are a small Canadian company and operations were started in 1993.

Their first product, sliceOmatic, was developed as an in-house research tool. It was considered such a powerful tool that its fame grew by word-of-mouth. Because of this strong peer to peer advertising it soon, however, it was used extensively by researchers around the world.


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